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About Us

Backed By 25+ Years of Reserach, Hard work and Technology, we are known to deliver the Best Custom Aluminum Windows & Doors Solutions and the Ultimate Customer Satisfaction!

About Tejjsons

Keeping in mind the needs of Modern Architecture, we have created Minimal Systems a.k.a. Slimline Windows that offer a breathtaking Panoramic View. Our Minimal Systems offer the uninterrupted movement of light and a maximized sensation of the interiors and outside areas as one by decreasing the number of visible Frames and Tracks! 

We fabricate our Aluminum Windows and Doors with one simple philosophy in mind: “Less is More.” Our method allows Architects, Engineers, and Interior Designers to generate expansive and uninterrupted views while maximizing engagement with the surrounding environment. The Glass fills the entire surface of the Aluminum Windows’ opening from floor to ceiling, giving the onlookers a seamless viewing experience.