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Integral Blinds For Windows & Doors

Integrated Blinds can be used in homes or Business places to create private spaces on demand without the need for conventional Blinds or Curtains. 

Privacy at its Best!

An Integral Blind, also known as Integrated Blinds, is a sealed glass unit with a blind sealed in-between. Our Integral Blinds or windows with built-in blinds can be activated with Magnetic or Motorized controls.

Our Integral Blinds may be adapted into your existing window/door frames; simply pop out your old glass units and replace them with our high-tech Integral Blinds. We can provide new window frames with integral blinds and aluminum window frames.

Tejjsons’ Blinds Within Glass are quickly becoming one of the most popular house and office upgrades. Surat homeowners are falling in love with their sleek appearance and seamless usefulness. Contact us today to get a free quote on the cost of integral blinds.


Where are Integral Blinds Used

Integral blinds are very popular for use in residential and commercial buildings, both inside and outside. Entrance Doors, Windows, Curtain walling, Partition screens inside the building, Fire exits, and Roof Glazing can all be outfitted with our integral blinds.

Integrated Blinds can be used in business buildings to create private spaces, such as indicating that an office is currently in use or that the user is unavailable at the moment. Blinds between the glass can also be found in homes, villas, conservatories, hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, etc.

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Benefits of Integral Blinds

  • Allowing Natural Light to enter while maintaining privacy
  • Ideal for Use in Areas where Blinds may Become wet, such as Kitchens and Bathrooms Windows.
  • Dust-free and Low-Maintenance Aid in the Control of Energy Expenses
  • Integral Blinds work with Magnetic or Motorized Systems
  • Blinds Within Windows have a longer life since they can not be touched or get damaged easily
  • Safe for Children and Pets because of the Double Glazing Units