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Guillotine / Vertical Sliders

Intorducing Innovative Solution for Aluminum Window Frames where sliding them to the left or right is not possible.

Creating Height & Filling Your Indoors with Light

Guillotine Vertical Sliders are an innovative option for window frames wherein sliding the doors left or right is not possible. The Vertical Sliding Windows have minimalistic horizontal frames that provide an “unobstructed view” with the maximum clear span.

The Vertical Sliders are operated with motorized systems.  Without the need for a balcony railing, you can open windows and still retain a physical barrier that passes building codes. 

Architects & Home Designers generally prefer Vertical Sliding windows for the newer properties that require a dash of character added to their looks. These magnificent sliders have a classic appearance and the benefits of modern Aluminum window frames.

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Why are Tejjsons Guillotine Considered A Must Have

Our Vertical Slider possesses qualities such as heat efficiency, low maintenance, and lifespan. Whether you’re wanting to upgrade your windows as part of your home or office or simply adore this style, Tejjsons offers some stunning options that allow home and business owners to enjoy the elegance of Georgina-era designs.

You can slide the Guillotine doors and windows up and down, and our vertical sliding Guillotine has an almost limitless height. We also ensure that the mobile frames can be moved with minimal force in both cases. 

Our Guillitone Vertical Sliders are ideal for use in homes, offices, conservatories, cafes, hotels and restaurant glazing, stadium glazing, verandahs, hospitals, villas, resorts, getaway theme parks, etc. We offer minimalist Vertical Sliding Solutions that have been designed to unmatched quality, durability, and versatility. 

Features of Guillotine

  • Minimal Aluminum Frame Design 
  • Provides Seamless Uninterrupted View 
  • Double Glazing Glass Systems for improved performance
  • Durable Frames to Withstand high-pressure winds 
  • Multipoint locking Systems 
  • Thermal Insulation for comfortable indoors
  • Does not require Railings and is Easy to Operate