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Magnetic Levitation

Windows & doors that just floats

Tejjsons Magnetic Levitation technology allows you to move extremely heavy doors and windows without electricity and with minimal effort in a practical user-friendly frame design.

Windows & Doors are designed with “Magnetic Levitation technology for the Zero Gravity application. Incredibly heavy Sliding Doors can move with the least amount of force in a friction-free setting. 

Time to Defy Gravity

Tejjsons new and exciting Sliding Door Design eliminates the back draws of Lift & Slide Systems. Magnetic Windows often referred to as Hover Doors, or Maglev doors levitate the door panel using permanent magnets.

Experience the future of windows with our revolutionary Magnetic Levitation Windows. Effortlessly floating in mid-air, they offer unparalleled elegance, noiseless, and smooth operation.

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