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5 Ways Switchable Smart Glass Is Upscaling the Apartment Game

With contemporary and modern designs, sleek body, and utmost functionality, Smart Switchable Glass can prove to be the real game-changer for your apartment. For those who don’t know, Smart Glass is also known as Privacy Glass, Switchable Glass, Switchable Privacy Glass, etc. It can alter the amount of light that passes through it. The PDLC film installed in it can turn the glass from opaque to transparent and vice versa at the flick of a switch. That too in less than 0.01 seconds, which is magic! Thus Smart Glass also goes by the name of Magic Glass.

Modern architecture requires large and functional spaces with the use of fewer walls. Minimalistic and united interiors are what the buyers want these days, and we are all up for it. So let’s see 5 ways in which Smart Glass Technology can upscale your apartment game. 

5 Benefits of Adding Switchable Smart Glass to your Space

1. Undisturbed Peaceful Openings 

Traditionally windows were added to space for 2 simple functions – to provide fresh air and sunlight. Not much importance was given to its structure and designing. But today, the story seems to be a bit different.

Modern Homes, especially skyscrapers and tall buildings focus on offering unmatched panoramic views through gigantic floor-to-ceiling Glass Windows and Glass Walls. With Smart Glass Windows, homeowners can control the level of opacity for the passersby without letting go of the breathtaking views.

2. Uncompromised Privacy Options

Privacy Glass Windows enables the large glass walls or windows to be opaque, translucent, or transparent as per the wish of the user. During the daytime, the Smart Glass can be switched off to let the warming sunlight in. How comforting this can be during the chilly winter mornings. As a bonus, you can also save some bucks on your electricity bill. At nighttimes, the Smart Glass can be switched on which is essential for your privacy. A simple flip of a switch can do wonders as per your mood and requirements.

3. Bigger Apartment Spaces 

Bigger open spaces in the apartments nowadays are a must-have. Most sought-after apartments often boast of large uninterrupted rooms and fluid transitions between the spaces. And to achieve this, cement walls have now been replaced by high technology Smart Glass Windows. 

Glass dividers and Glass Walls have become very popular as they enable architects to substitute ordinary apartment divisions with extraordinary ones. 

4. Invite Nature’s Beauty Into Your Space 

Smart Glass Windows when used strategically as a balcony window or balcony gate in the house, the natural elements can make up for a breathtaking view especially in urban areas. Imagine waking up surrounded by the beauty of nature. Modish yet humble! 

Balcony railings can also be manufactured with Switchable Glass so that the residents can remove the perceptivity of a division between them and the natural surroundings. For privacy purposes, the residents can switch on the glass at any given point in time. 

5. Protection from harmful UV Rays

In tropical countries like India, high temperature and UV Rays exposure can prove to be an issue. Hence sun protection and heat management have become very essential. Our Magic Glass Windows offer up to 92% haziness. This means that the unbearable solar glare will stay outside your house while the glass is switched on. This will also help to reduce the transfer of heat and keep the indoor spaces cool.


Switchable Glass windows are a very good choice for apartment buildings, lobbies, or any shared spaces because they allow the use of sunlight in winters and keep away the harmful solar glare in summers. Plus they are eco-friendly and extremely cost-effective! Swastik Glass manufactures Smart Glass accordingly to the preferences of our customers. Just pop in your query and our team will get back to you.

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