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What is A Pergola? Here’s everything to Know

Looking to hide yourself from the summer heat or want to host guests outside during the afternoon? Well, a Pergola will have you covered (Literally!). A pergola is an outdoor structure that provides shade and shelter from the sun. In addition to patios and decks, there are many more outdoor constructions that can make your backyard a more pleasurable place to be. The pergola is one such design.

What is a Pergola?

A pergola is a long, slender structure with four roof-supporting pillars or columns. It can either be fully independent or directly linked to a house. Shade is provided by pergola coverings, which have slats covered with a weather-resistant fabric covering system.

Pergolas can connect pavilions or run from a building structure’s door to a feature in the open garden, like a solitary patio or pool. 

Freestanding pergolas, or those that are not attached to a house or other building, give a sitting place with a breeze and some gentle sun, but they also provide protection from the severe glare of the sun’s rays. Making a specific area of your garden a popular gathering place is easy with pergolas with roofs.

What are the Benefits of a Pergola?

Here are a few popular reasons why our Pergolas are preferred by many Architects, Interior Designers, and homeowners in India. 

Pergolas Provide Shade

Pergolas are intended to provide shade for your outdoor area. They are great for shielding the room from the sun’s piercing, direct rays while still allowing light to enter. 

Our Pergolas are not completely shaded when used alone, but their adaptable design offers a variety of shadow possibilities. You can have a retractable canopy if you want complete coverage. Depending on the time of day or the position of the sun, this option enables you to enjoy varying degrees of shade.

 Pergolas Add Value To the Property 

A Pergola Canopy aids in providing shade, beauty, and welcoming character to the property. All these qualities are known to increase the property’s likeability and by extension, value.

Pergolas and other comfy outdoor extensions are highly recommended for boosting the value of your property at the moment because outdoor living is getting more and more popular. In addition to being practical and enjoyable, pergolas provide your landscape design with a unique personality. 


We offer many different alternatives for pergola designs. Garden Pergolas provide a summer appearance that blends in with any outdoor setting. If you happen to have a wide and open backyard, you can even have vegetation growing all around it.

If you are a restaurant, resort or hotel owner looking to improve the aesthtics of your property, you should definitely contact a good Pergola Manufacturer right away.

Pergolas are Affordable

Some people might think that pergolas are a hefty expense. But particularly in comparison to the gazebos and pavilions, pergolas are a more reasonable option. While Gabezo only has permanent shade to offer, the Pergola’s shade can be adjusted to your liking. 

We create inexpensive Pergolas to help our customers harness their love of the outdoors and their desire to share their outdoor area with others.

The Bottom Line 

As we can see from above, Pergolas were created to offer a stunning, unforgettable setting for the outdoors. With their shade and beauty, pergolas entice people. They provide the ideal place to eat, sit, or play games as well as a gathering place for friends and family. Customers can enjoy their food and beverages while getting the benefit of both the hotel’s ambiance and the natural air. All in all, a Pergola is a good investment no matter what. To get a free quote on the Cost of Pergola, contact our team right away.  

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