4 Ways Fogless Mirrors Are Cooler than Shaving Mirrors

For all the guys, shaving in the shower saves time, keeps your bathroom counter clean, and even saves money for guys. However, in order for it to work, you must be able to see yourself clearly, which necessitates the use of a Fogless mirror.

Shaving mirrors have a tendency to fog because the mirror surface is colder than the surrounding air. This causes the moisture condenses on the surface as fog. While the anti-fog mirrors operate by either warming the mirror or utilizing a condensation-resistant surface coating.  This helps to achieve clear visibility at all times. 

Want to know why fog-free mirrors are better than shaving mirrors? Let’s find out. 

A Better Vision

The simple pleasure of a wet shave is being discovered by an increasing number of men, but even if you use a cartridge or electric razor, you will experience it at some point. You’ve just finished your morning shave, only to discover that some sneaky whiskers escaped your blade upon closer inspection. How frustrating that is on a busy morning. 

If this has happened to you, it’s possible that the issue isn’t with your razor, but with your mirror. How much ever you try to keep the shaving mirror clear., it ends up fogging even more. As opposed to this a Mirror Defogger will activate at the flip of a button and keep your bathroom mirror fog free for as long as you wish, 

A smoother Shaving experience 

 If your bathroom shaving mirror isn’t clear, large, or well-lit, it’s easy to miss some hair on your chin, neck, or elsewhere on your face. If this is the case for you, a bathroom mirror defogger is a solution to your problem. As already mentioned above, a fogless mirror guarantees a crystal clear vision.  

This can help you to shave every nook and corner of your face with absolute perfection. An anti-fog bathroom mirror will also save you from the cuts and abrasions that might have occurred owing to a hazy vision.

Money Savings

Shaving mirrors are great, but they’re not for everybody. A quick internet search will tell you how expensive a single shaving mirror is. Even if you do decide to purchase it, next comes the cost of installation and the need of drilling holes in your bathroom wall or countertop! 

It doesn’t end here. After 2-3 years of use, the mirror body will start rusting forcing you to buy another one. 

But on the other hand, for a fog-free mirror, you just need to buy a high-quality Anti-fog film. All you need to do is apply the mirror defogging sheet behind your bathroom mirror. Switch it on and voila! A mist-free mirror is ready without making any big alterations to your bathroom. 

You can easily carry on with your personal grooming without spending a fortune on concave mirrors. Tejjsons is a renowned mirror defogger manufacturer in India. We make and supply custom shockproof anti-fog mirrors across the globe. For bulk inquiries, kindly contact our team of experts.

 No cleaning required

Shaving after a hot shower is something that every guy enjoys no matter what. But this soothing experience is also backed by a stubborn foggy mirror that just won’t remain clean. Nothing will be as effective as preventing the accumulation in the first place when it comes to cleaning your mirror. After each shower, use your towel to dry your mirror, which will greatly improve your experience and extend its life. That is simple to say, but if you are anything like us, this strategy will not last long, and you will need to clean your mirror.

However, fog-free bathroom mirrors work on the principle of equalizing the mirror surface’s temperature with that of the room’s temperature. This prevents mist from condensing on the mirror resulting in a fog-free vision. The anti-fog film also prevents further fog from building up. All in all, there is virtually no requirement for you to clean the anti-fog mirror whatsoever. No hassle of cleaning the bathroom mirror every time you want to use it.   

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