How Can You Replace Curtains Permanently With Smart Glass?

Smart Glass

Smart glass, also known as switchable glass or magic glass, is revolutionizing the way we think about windows and curtains. Gone are the days of dusty curtains that need to be replaced every few years. Now, smart glass offers an exciting way to customize your space in a permanent, aesthetically pleasing way.  Smart glass windows […]

5 Advantages of Having Privacy Glass Partitions in Commercial Spaces


Designing commercial spaces can be difficult. These areas are now smartly and creatively built, allowing the people who spend a good eight hours a day in them to do so with pleasure and excitement. A workplace that has been thoughtfully designed and contains handpicked features can inspire employees and instill in them a greater sense […]

Where Can Smart Glass (Privacy Glass) be Used?


Privacy Glass is admired in the fields of interior design and architecture, and for good purposes. After all, Smart glass is the greatest combination of dazzling beauty and slashing functionality. However, it is also true that technology is progressing at a tremendous speed.  Considering the advantages and disadvantages of Smart Glass;  it has recently become […]

Pros & Cons of Smart Glass (Switchable Glass)


By using specialized technology, smart glass or switchable glass is produced. It allows the user to alter the degree of transparency. A liquid crystal film enclosed between two or more sheets of glass is moved by an electric current. The crystals are aligned and the glazing’s transparency is altered by the impetus of this current. […]

3 Interior Design Elements That Enhance Comfort & Productivity In an Office


Using a physical location as a workspace offers numerous advantages, including bringing people together in a motivating environment and allowing businesses to establish culture and identity.  Many people wondered if the rise of hybrid and remote work meant the end of the physical office in the early stages of the pandemic. After a few years […]

Why Privacy Glass is Essential For Your Home


Knowing that you have some solitude from the outside world is a big part of feeling at ease in your own house. But what if you still want to be able to see what’s going on outside? We’re delighted to inform you that there is a solution to this issue: Privacy Glass  a.k.a Smart Glass […]

Switchable Glass for Smart Luxury Homes

In the times of modern luxury, one technology that has started appearing everywhere is the ‘Smart Glass Technology’. Smart Glass or Switchable Glass as we all know has gained popularity in the last years or so due to its ability to control the glass’ transparency and privacy aspect with the touch of a button.  Privacy […]

How Smart Glass offers a Minimalist Interior Design For Offices

The motto of a minimalist interior is ‘Less is more in terms of design, layout, furniture, and the overall vibe of the place. While designing the interior of a home or office, there are certain things that can help the planners to achieve a sophisticated look, the one that oozes modern designs and functional spaces. […]

What is Smart Glass and How it works

Smart Glass or Switchable Glass as we all know it has been redefining the Architectural, Interior, and Automotive Industries completely with its technology and applications. Although Privacy Glass has been around for a considerable amount of time, it has gained popularity only recently owing to better raw material availability and innovations in technology & Applied […]

Can Switchable Glass Windows Replace Curtains Permanently? 

Modern architecture is all about those sleek & beautiful glass walls, windows, and minimalistic designs. If you want to save on your electricity bill, leaving the windows open is a good choice but that would also make your private business very public. This is the biggest question that these glass windows pose. How can you […]