What is Smart Glass and How it works

Smart Glass or Switchable Glass as we all know it has been redefining the Architectural, Interior, and Automotive Industries completely with its technology and applications. Although Privacy Glass has been around for a considerable amount of time, it has gained popularity only recently owing to better raw material availability and innovations in technology & Applied Science. 

This blog is intended to help you in your research and decision-making for getting Switchable Glass Windows for your home or office.

What is Smart Glass Technology?

Essentially speaking, Smart Glass is a dynamic piece of technology that can bring life to a static material making it multi-purpose. 

Switchable Glass has a PDLC Film (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) installed in it. The PDLC Film has microscopic liquid crystal droplets in a polymer matrix which can control the amount of light that passes through it. 

In simpler terms, Smart Switchable Glass can turn transparent, translucent, or opaque at the flick of a button. Thus this amazing technology can help you to solve the never-ending problem of adjusting light while maintaining privacy in your space. And since its applications sound so magical, Smart Glass is also known as Magic Glass!

How does Switchable Glass Works?

As we have already seen, Switchable Glass has a PDLC Film installed. When switched off, the film is passive and hence the glass is transparent. In the morning, the Smart Windows can let the natural light inside the house. This can also help you to save a few bucks off your electricity bill. 

When switched on, an electric charge passes through the PDLC Film which in turn converts the glass from transparent to opaque in a fraction of a second. This instant switch allows you to have privacy at your fingertips.

The Magic Glass Windows can be operated with switches, timers and remotes, and even sensors. While providing up to 92% haziness, the Smart Glass is eco-friendly, uses minimal amounts of electricity, and has a life of 10+ years. This makes it an exemplary choice for replacing curtains and blinds. 

Applications of Magic Glass

Magic Glass is very popular for Glass partitions and Glass-Walled Conference Rooms in Corporate Offices. When opaque, the Smart Glass is also used for Whiteboard projections and partition screens inside the offices. These Glass Walls create the illusion of larger spaces and provide the touch of modernism to the interior. 

Other applications of Smart Glass include the use indoors and windows, bathroom walls, shower cubicles, Roof Lights, as a substitution for blinds and curtains, etc. 

Swastik Glass manufactures superior quality Smart Glass Windows that have a life expectancy of 10+ years. And the best part about our Switchable Glass: Customisation. We offer a high level of customization in our Smart Glass windows to ensure their maximum satisfaction level. We supply Smart Glass all over India. 


Smart Glass has the power to change your life. We mean it in a metaphorical and literal way. It lets you have the best of both worlds without burning holes in your pocket. It’s a complete package in our humble opinion. So what are you waiting for? Contact our team and we will get to you right away!   

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