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Everything You Need To Know About The Magnetic Lift-And-Slide System For Doors And Windows

Innovation is the currency of growth in the modern world. Gone are the days when sturdiness in everyday appliances led to the purchase of heavy statures that began eroding at the first tick of the clock.  

Your windows and doors haven’t been immune to this transformation process. The hinged windows or folding doors attached to your spaces are exposed to easy wear-and-tear and obsolation. In addition, the friction caused by the movement of the door system or the windows often leads to difficulty in opening and closing them without that eerie sound of resistance from the frame. 

Magnetic Levitation is cutting-edge tech that solves various common issues associated with the effortless movement of windows and doors. Often used to build high-speed trains, the Maglev mechanism is revolutionising the lift-and-slide system of doors and windows. 

Across various industries, the most distinct key benefit of magnetic levitation is its contact-free operation which reduces wear, friction, and maintenance costs while maximizing system longevity and efficiency. 

In this blog, we’ll explore every nook and corner of Maglev for windows and doors and examine how its applications might be beneficial to laymen and seasoned professionals alike. 

What is Magnetic Levitation?

Magnetic levitation, or Maglev, in simple terms, is a groundbreaking technology that involves suspending objects in the air using magnetic fields, eliminating the need for traditional mechanical contact points. 

Maglev has introduced a new dimension of lift-and-slide system for magnetic doors and windows. It has transformed the way we interact with our living, leisure, and professional spaces by replacing friction-prone components with magnetic fields. This has led to the birth of a system that ensures smooth and virtually silent manoeuvres.

The zero gravity application of Tejjsons’ systems, in particular, operates without electricity and with minimum effort on your end. The visual impact is striking because doors and windows appear to effortlessly float in the air. Beyond aesthetics, magnetic levitation offers energy optimization, reduced repair costs, and a reliable user experience. 

How does Magnetic Levitation Work?

On a technical level, Maglev operates on the fundamental principles of magnetic repulsion and attraction. In the context of the lift and slide system, powerful magnets are strategically placed to create a floating effect, creating an easy glide at the push of a finger. 

Magnetic Levitation requires only a fraction of the force needed for traditional structures. The magnetic doors and windows showcase a flawless, fluid sliding mechanism that activates the levitation system with a gentle push. When in the mood to draw your blinds and shut your doors and windows, simply crank the handle again to secure the panel and you’ll activate a robust locking system that ensures weather-tight sealing. 

Magnetic Levitation converts doors and windows into feather-light, people-friendly innovations. The technology’s efficiency, coupled with the sleek design, not only improves the day-to-day experience but also pioneers a trailblazing age of architectural evolution.

What Makes Maglev Better than Conventional Systems? 

Magnetic Levitation Systems boast zero gravity application that allows Hover doors to maintain their gentle lift-and-slide mechanism with minimal effort. Elegant, silent, and smooth the Maglev doors and windows provide better operational efficacy than other conventional systems.  

What sets Magnetic Levitation apart from other high-tech window and door systems, is its ability to evenly distribute the mass of profiles and glass across each slider. This framework enables the creation of expansive openings with slimline frames, exceeding the weight restrictions of conventional wheeled systems. Maglev doors employ permanent magnets to create levitation of the door panel. As the door glides smoothly along the rail, there’s no sliding friction, offering a seamless and quiet user experience.

There are multiple ways in which Maglev is superior to conventional systems. 

  • Energy Efficiency

Conventional windows and doors require an increased amount of manual or mechanical energy consumption. These systems, even while running on motor or other automatic devices, continuously drain energy from their primary sources. Maglev systems are inherently more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts. This low energy consumption is reflected in the absence of physical contact and a sliding system that functions independently without the need for high-energy conductors. 

  • Smooth and Quiet Glide

Squeaky hinges are a nightmare in any space be it a home or an office. They can quickly change the setting of an environment from quaint to brassy. Magnetic doors and windows offer smooth and whisper-quiet operation. This eliminates the jarring and noisy movements commonly experienced with traditional sliding doors and windows.

  • Friction-free mechanism 

Magnetic Levitation’s sliding door design and window glide create a visual where doors and windows seem to float effortlessly in the air as they glide open or closed. This friction-free hover motion makes Maglev systems so light that they can operate on a single light push or pull.  

  • Lightweight and User-Friendly

Magnetic windows and doors are designed with a lightweight construction that makes them incredibly easy to use. The absence of heavy mechanical components ensures that virtually anyone can effortlessly open and close them with the gentlest movement. The accessibility and convenience of this user-friendly, lightweight design simplify the installation process and enable seamless daily use. 

  • Reliable and Safe

Reliability and safety are paramount in choosing any window and door system, whether traditional or modern. The magnetic levitation technology reduces the likelihood of jams or malfunctions by delivering smooth and consistent operation. While the tech is a considerably innovation, it has prioritized safety features such as robust locking systems, weather-tight sealing, and impact resistance from the get-go. Maglev’s lift-and-slide system is a safe and secure solution for any home or business.    

Tejjsons’ Revolutionary Magnetic Levitation Windows and Doors

Tejjsons is at the forefront of the innovative Maglev technology. As a pioneer in the field of magnetic levitation for windows and doors, we’re redefining the norm and setting a new standard of breakthroughs in intelligent engineering and architecture. 

Our revolutionary lift & slide systems stay true to the following attributes: 

  • Elegance Meets Efficiency: Tejjsons‘ Maglev windows and doors seamlessly blend elegance with efficiency using the high-performance Lami DGU Glass that glides smoothly rather than being bound by machines or motors. The magnetic doors and windows appear to hover and enhance the sophistication of your living and other spaces. 
  • Simplified Approach: Our lift and slide systems incorporate robust magnetic sliders on each window rail, simplifying the application process while maximizing effectiveness.
  • User-Friendly Design: The lightweight, user-friendly design of Tejjsons’ magnetic levitation system ensures easy operation for everyone. A gentle push or pull is all it takes for trouble-free daily use.
  • Aesthetically Modern Frames: Bridge the gap between sleek, urban frames and supreme quality. Tejjsons offers architectural novels that go beyond the ordinary. 
  • Silent Operation: Shrill hinges are a thing of the past. Tejjsons’ magnetic hinges in windows and doors provide a silent and seamless glide.
  • Eco-Conscious Systems: Our Maglev systems prioritize energy efficiency. Minimal energy consumption is achieved through a contactless, eco-friendly magnetic levitation design.

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The magnetic lift-and-slide system, propelled by the cutting-edge Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) technology, is at the forefront of new-age technological development. Windows and doors created using this convenient mechanism are an effortlessly easy-to-use investment that reaps myriad benefits in terms of long-term durability. 

From energy sustenance to silent operation to user-friendly design, Maglev opens doors to a new era of architectural possibilities. We, at Tejjsons, harness the extraordinary capabilities of this innovation to create a new standard of competence and satisfaction. Our unique sliding systems offer a progressive solution to common challenges associated with conventional systems. 

In essence, we provide a window into what futuristic living, business, and recreational spaces are like. Join the revolution with Tejjsons’ monumental Maglev-powered windows and doors. Contact us today to stay ahead of the curve with Magnetic Levitation Systems.


  • What is Magnetic Levitation? 

Magnetic Levitation, or Maglev, is a technology that uses magnetic fields to suspend objects, eliminating the need for physical contact with surfaces. In context to architecture, Maglev is an innovation that employs magnetic fields to enable windows and doors to float and move without physical contact with surfaces. It replaces traditional apparatus to offer silent, frictionless, and smooth operation, revolutionizing how we interact with doors and windows.

  • How is the lift and slide system better than my current system for windows and doors? 

The lift and slide system outperforms conventional windows and doors in several ways. It offers easy, noiseless operation, requires minimal force, and promotes energy efficiency. Maglev technology eliminates sliding friction, ensures a lightweight, user-friendly design, and prioritizes safety with dynamic locking systems. It’s a transformative upgrade for your living space. 

  • Is Magnetic Levitation safe?

Yes, Magnetic Levitation is a safe and well-established technology. Maglev systems, like those used for doors and windows, prioritize safety by incorporating features such as robust locking mechanisms, weather-tight sealing, and impact resistance to ensure secure and reliable operation. Tejjsons’ Maglev windows and doors are engineered with safety as a top priority. 

  • Will Maglev benefit me?  

Maglev systems suit anybody who’s looking for an advanced technological solution to the daily issues that arise in conventional systems. They provide a host of solutions, like energy savings, efficiency, and silent opening & closing mechanisms, to modern problems. Keeping in mind your requirement criteria, you can evaluate the need for a magnetic levitation system yourself. However, based on our customers’ experience, Maglev is a one-time investment that reaps a multitude of rewards. 

  • Do the lift and slide systems require diligent maintenance?

Maglev systems are designed to be low-maintenance, thanks to their friction-free operation. Maintaining a clean running rail is recommended to prevent the accumulation of dirt, but there’s no need for lubrication. Regular cleaning and occasional checks are usually sufficient for maintaining optimal performance. 

  • Are Maglev doors and windows suitable for modern architectural designs?

Absolutely! Maglev systems are quite versatile in their applications. Their sleek and innovative design complements contemporary architecture excellently and offers a touch of sophistication and functionality to modern spaces.

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