Integral Blinds: Where can Motorized Blinds be Used?

Integral blinds, which are often referred to as motorized blinds, are a practical and fashionable window treatment option that may be applied in a range of settings. With these blinds, it’s simple to manage the amount of natural light entering a room or to fully block it as desired. 

There is a misconception that Integrated Blinds are typically exclusively used with Aluminum Windows, despite the fact that they are a fantastic addition to any door or window.

Sandwiched Glass is a beautiful addition to large doors, such as Minimal Systems. Integral blinds can be used on a variety of spaces, both inside and outside, for domestic as well as commercial purposes.

Applications of Tejjsons’ Sandwich Glass 

Residential Space 

  1. To Change the Glass in Your Current Doors & Windows 
  2. To Change The Existing Doors & Windows with Aluminum WIndows with Intergral Blinds 
  3. Upgrading the Front Door With Smart Integrated Blinds 
  4. The gallery and Entrance to the Lawn can have seamless Minimal Systems with Integral Blinds 
  5. To create Internal Partitions between rooms and living space 

integral blinds in Home

The house is one of the most common settings for motorized blinds. They can be put in bathrooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms, giving these areas privacy and regulating lighting. 

Bifolding doors are a common application for integral blinds, which can also be used inside and outside the house. As they can be adjusted to block out the sun’s glare and prevent UV damage to furniture and carpeting, they are also a fantastic alternative for homes with large windows or skylights.

Tejjsons’ Sandwich Glass is not only more energy-efficient than your previous glazing, but it may also enhance the functionality of your windows and the comfort of your house as a whole. A sealed unit may function even better if an integral blind is added.

Lastly, Integrated Blinds can also be used to create internal partitions within a house to give shade, privacy, and space separation.

Commercial Spaces

  1. Offices, conference rooms, and retail stores can create partitions and shade
  2. Hotels & Resorts popularly use Blinds in Glass Doors to separate the bathroom area from the rest of the room
  3. Hospitals & Healthcare Centres use Motorized Blinds in patient rooms, examination rooms, and even operating rooms.  

integrated blinds at hotel

Offices, conference rooms, and even retail locations make use of Motorized Blinds. Integral blinds can be used to create private spaces in commercial buildings. Such as indicating that an office is occupied or the user is currently unavailable.

This window covering style can create privacy, regulate light levels, and lessen glare. They are a fantastic alternative for rooms with big windows or skylights as well because they can be adjusted to block out the sun’s glare and stop UV fading of the flooring and furniture.

Hotels and resorts are another settings where motorized blinds can be employed. For privacy and light control, they can be installed in guest rooms, conference rooms, and public spaces.

Blinds within Glass are a fantastic alternative for rooms with big windows or skylights because they can be adjusted to block out the sun’s glare. And also stop UV fading of the flooring and furniture.

Finally, healthcare facilities can make advantage of motorized shades. To give privacy and regulate lighting, they can be installed in patient rooms, exam rooms, and even operating rooms. 


In conclusion, motorized blinds are a fantastic investment for any home or office. They are convenient and easy to use, offer superior light control, come in a variety of sizes and styles, conserve energy, and add value to your home or office. 

Integral Blinds offers quality motorized blinds that are sure to make your life easier and more enjoyable. So why wait? Contact Tejjspns right away to get a free quote on Integral Blinds Prices. 

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