Why Privacy Glass is Essential For Your Home

Knowing that you have some solitude from the outside world is a big part of feeling at ease in your own house. But what if you still want to be able to see what’s going on outside? We’re delighted to inform you that there is a solution to this issue: Privacy Glass  a.k.a Smart Glass Continue reading to learn how to use this type of window film to increase your home privacy without feeling completely isolated.

What Is Privacy Window Film 

Smart Glass or Switchable Glass is an electric window film that provides a lot of privacy during the day. When switched off, the glass will appear opaque. This means that during the day, people on the outside of the window will be unable to see through the glass.

How Does Privacy Glass Work

An ultra-thin layer of PDLC film is applied to the window glass’ surface. The switchable glass film can be controlled help of switches, remotes, timers & even sensors. When the light is turned on, the frosted glass becomes transparent and vice versa. 

Because the PDLC layer contains liquid crystals, this occurs. The crystals align when an electric current passes through them, making the glass transparent. The crystals disorient and scatter light when the power is turned off, making the glass opaque.

You can use Switchable glass film on any windows in rooms where you desire extra privacy at any time of the day. For example, applying privacy glass to home windows, doors, and bathroom windows allows you to open blinds during the day with the comfort of knowing that people outside still can’t see into your home.

What are the advantages of Privacy Glass?

The advantages of Privacy Glass are:

  • Privacy Glass Window provides a high amount of protection from harsh sunlight. This helps the homeowners to safeguard themselves & their interiors from direct UV rays. 
  • Smart Glass is an excellent choice for those who value privacy without compromising on the view. 
  • The need for having to install blinds or curtains is eliminated since the windows with privacy glass with do the job perfectly.
  • Furthermore, these types of privacy coverings are excellent at reducing glare. This makes them an ideal treatment for windows in home offices or entertainment rooms where you want to be able to read, work on a computer, or focus on a television screen without the need to squint your eyes or close drapes and blinds.


Science aims to make our lives easier and we are here to support it. Tejjsons is an expert when it comes to Privacy Glass and its installation. Our Switchable Glass windows are ideal for use in outside-facing windows and glass partitions. 

Any glass window can have our magic glass windows fitted on the interior facing side. With more than 20 years of expertise as Smart Glass manufacturers, we know what our customers want and deliver it. Our Smart Glass technology is an obvious choice for home and office owners seeking comfort, privacy, and convenience. To get started, give us a call today.