How Smart Glass offers a Minimalist Interior Design For Offices

The motto of a minimalist interior is ‘Less is more in terms of design, layout, furniture, and the overall vibe of the place. While designing the interior of a home or office, there are certain things that can help the planners to achieve a sophisticated look, the one that oozes modern designs and functional spaces. So in what way can Smart Glass be a part of the modern interior we are talking about, let’s find out. 

  • Open and spacious atmosphere
  • Glass Walls & Partitions 
  • Nuetral Color Scheme 

Clear Glass Partitions will definitely provide the illusion of larger spaces with minimal clutter. But regular glass walls also come with a drawback, they don’t offer privacy without the use of shades, blinds, or drapes. Now wasn’t the whole point in being minimalist?

So just because you want to hop on the latest trend, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on your or your employees’ privacy. With Smart Glass, you can control the visibility and amount of privacy that is essential in the building of your business. 

How Does Smart Glass Work?

Smart Glass a.k.a switchable glass, privacy glass, magic glass has a PDLC Film on its surface. When switched on, the smart glass can go from transparent to opaque in less than 0.01 seconds and vice versa. This functionality makes the Smart Glass technology ideal for use in whiteboard projection, glass conference rooms, entrances, personal office cabins, waiting rooms, etc. 

Use of Smart Glass in Office Interior 

Smart Switchable Glass can instantly turn from opaque to transparent in a matter of seconds which makes it an ideal choice for any partition system or profile in the office. 

Open and spacious atmosphere

Smart Glass partitions when switched off appear transparent which allows the office to look bigger and more spacious than it actually is. Unlike the regular walls, Switchable glass walls lend a fluid and minimalist look to the space. 

Open spaces and the use of glass in the office have proven to promote transparency in both the design and company culture.  

Glass Walls & Partitions 

Switchable Glass partitions have a multifunctionality feature. When opaque, they function as a projector surface or whiteboard thus eliminating the need to install expensive portable boards and screens in the office.

 When in the transparent mode, they work as two-way glass walls with the help of which easy supervision and communication can be conducted in the office. Sometimes even minimalist settings can prove to be boring. But smart glass walls are dynamic and eliminate the need to get wall fillers. 

Neutral Color Scheme

In our opinion, anything with glass looks good. It is clean, sleek, light, and of course transparent. Heavy drapes or high-end blinds will obviously take away the ‘neutral factor’ from the interior. This is why Switchable Glass Windows and Partitions can be applied in the office interior. This will help you to achieve a simple yet sophisticated interior. 

At Swastik Glass, we not only offer a wide variety of Privacy Glass Films but also can customize the theme according to the size and color of your choice. So for all your Smart Glass needs, contact our team of experts right away!

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