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How Can You Replace Curtains Permanently With Smart Glass?

Smart glass, also known as switchable glass or magic glass, is revolutionizing the way we think about windows and curtains. Gone are the days of dusty curtains that need to be replaced every few years. Now, smart glass offers an exciting way to customize your space in a permanent, aesthetically pleasing way. 

Smart glass windows allow to control the amount of light that can enter a room by simply pressing a button. It is quickly gaining momentum in both commercial and residential applications.

How Does Switchable Glass Technology Function?

A PDLC film (present in the glass) uses electricity and has a Switchable Glazing Technology. The Smart Glass transforms from translucent to opaque white in less than 0.01 seconds with the flip of a switch. This instantly creates 100 percent privacy. This helps to control a room’s ambiance and temperature while also lowering a building’s energy requirements.

As the glass goes dark and brightens to match the outside light conditions, it essentially eliminates the need for curtains. 

How Smart Glass works

Where can Smart Glass Be Used?

The Switchable glass is not only intended for usage in homes, and offices, but also in exterior facades. It can be used inside a structure to let light pass through rooms or to be blocked as needed. 

It can be added to two meeting rooms, creating glass walls that serve as opaque partitions when needed. And can also be used as clear screens for digital projections.

When there are no curtains and it is dark outside, the glass can be switched off to offer clear visibility.

Given that many contemporary office buildings are made mostly of glass, use of Tejjsons’ Smart Glass in commercial settings is evident. 

With hundreds of employees working all day and frequently well into the evening, maximizing indoor light and temperatures naturally is a must. Rather than relying on the pricey air conditioning or electric lights might end up saving businesses a tonne of money over time.

How Can Smart Glass replace Curtains?

Building owners, developers, and architects are accustomed to normal transparent glass & curtains. Although they see privacy glass as somewhat of a luxury; one simply can not undermine the benefits it has to offer. 

It provides privacy, is easy to install, is soundproof, helps to save energy, has a 10+ year life span, and has tempered glass for safety purposes. The list of advantages goes on. Now, who wouldn’t want to make a switch (pun intended) to Switchable Glass?

When our customers use our Privacy Glass Windows for the first time, they immediately see its worth. And are perplexed as to how they managed to put up with the obtrusive glare and uncomfortable heat from regular clear glass for so long. Contact us today to get a free quote on the Smart Glass price. 

You might be asking yourself in ten years: “Did people really use to throw big pieces of cloth over their windows to block the light?”

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