Where Can Smart Glass (Privacy Glass) be Used?

Privacy Glass is admired in the fields of interior design and architecture, and for good purposes. After all, Smart glass is the greatest combination of dazzling beauty and slashing functionality. However, it is also true that technology is progressing at a tremendous speed.  Considering the advantages and disadvantages of Smart Glass;  it has recently become extremely popular in the product design; interior design, and architecture fields. 

Smart glass, a new innovation in glass solutions; allows you to regulate the quantity of light entering through your windows in the same way that air conditioners and; room heating systems allow you to change the temperature of your room with the push of a button.

Applications of Smart Glass in the Modern Era:

Architects, Interior Designers, and Automotive Companies regularly use smart glass in:

1. Switchable Glass Office Partitions

Glass walls and partitioning that can be electrically switched add adaptability and create a “WOW” effect to interior workplace designs. With dimming characteristics, the switchable glass may quickly change a space from open and shared to private and intimate.

This is especially useful in flexible open-floor design dynamic work environments. It is an excellent way to promote modern workplace space optimization and minimalist interior design while preserving privacy.

2. Smart Glass in Hotel Guest rooms

The key characteristics of PDLC(polymer dispersed liquid crystal) smart glass in hotel guest rooms are elegance and efficiency. Because the smart glass technology provides the perfect solution for fitting a comfortable living and sleeping area; a presentable and relaxing bathroom, and privacy for intimate moments in a way that feels luxurious within the confined square footage. 

PDLC films is also utilized for bathroom enclosures in guest rooms, micro hotels, hotel lobbies, and common areas when combined with projection, and for privacy in bathrooms and spas. With a simple click, the guest transforms the electronic privacy glass from clear to opaque and back again.

3. Electric Smart Glass in Hospital Rooms

Smart glass is replacing the need for conventional drapes and curtains, which is a useful feature for healthcare institutions and hospitals. According to research, patient privacy curtains contain the microorganisms that cause illness to spread. Glass hospital room partitions also improve sound isolation, adding an additional layer of secrecy.

4. Residential switchable Glass windows

In the residential sector, switchable glass windows, doors, and partitions are emerging nowadays. PDLC films can be used to minimize the harsh sunlight; which generates heat. This helps in keeping indoor areas cool and reducing heating, ventilation & Air-Conditioning expenses; to make homes more energy efficient.

5. Switchable Glass Retail Storefront windows

Retailers may fully utilize the most valuable real estate in their stores by using smart visual merchandising. With the help of smart glass technology, people use storefront windows for advertising that are otherwise completely transparent. Without permanently obstructing windows with conventional signs or television screens; a retailer’s windows can be transformed into rear-projection screens advertising shop brands and items.

Use of Smart Glass

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