Switchable Glass for Smart Luxury Homes

In the times of modern luxury, one technology that has started appearing everywhere is the ‘Smart Glass Technology’. Smart Glass or Switchable Glass as we all know has gained popularity in the last years or so due to its ability to control the glass’ transparency and privacy aspect with the touch of a button. 

Privacy glass is now being heavily used in the luxury home market due to its functionality aspect, long life, energy efficiency, and minimalistic appearance. With switchable smart glass, homeowners can easily control when they want privacy in their space or when they want to enjoy the outside view.

What is Smart Glass Technology?

Smart Glass has a PDLC film installed behind them that works on the application of electricity. When switched on, the glass turns clear from frosted and vice versa. This happens because the PDLC layer has liquid crystals. With electric current flowing through them, the crystals align making the glass transparent. In the power-off state, the crystals disorient and scatter the light making the glass opaque. 

Use of Privacy Glass in Luxury Homes 

Modern homes are built with an abundance of aluminium windows and glass partitions to maximize the natural light aspect. It also gives the space an illusion of appearing bigger than it actually is. But excessive use of glass in the interior can also result in an invasion of one’s privacy. 

Using curtains the old-fashioned way is one solution to the problem but wasn’t the whole point of creating modern aesthetic interiors? As an alternative, one can install Privacy Glass Windows all around the house converting your space into a smart home.

Magic Glass gives architects unprecedented freedom for creativity. You can seamlessly use them for all sorts of glass surfaces such as house windows, glass partitions, skylights, bathroom partitions, glass ceilings, etc. 

Smart Glass for home windows 

Our Privacy glass windows are ideal for use in outside-facing windows and glass partitions since they are energy efficient and extremely secure. Our magic glass windows can be also applied to the interior-facing side of any glass window.

Tejssons offers innovative Smart Glass Windows across India. With 20+ years of experience in the glass industry, we understand what our customers require and we deliver accordingly. For home and office owners who seek comfort, privacy, and convenience, our Smart Glass technology is a clear choice. Contact us today to get started.  

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