Can Switchable Glass Windows Replace Curtains Permanently? 

Modern architecture is all about those sleek & beautiful glass walls, windows, and minimalistic designs. If you want to save on your electricity bill, leaving the windows open is a good choice but that would also make your private business very public. This is the biggest question that these glass windows pose. How can you maintain beauty without compromising on privacy? 


Why are Curtains a thing of the past?

A curtain is essentially a hanging screen that can be pulled back up or aside as desired. Surely curtains work as a barrier between your home and the rest of the world. It functions to safeguard your privacy and stops excessive sunlight from entering your house. But that also means you will have to compromise on the view.

With curtains, it is always a two-way street. And also don’t forget how curtains or even blinds can be such a buzzkill if installed right in front of those beautiful big windows. Now, why should you compromise on that beautiful view with ugly curtains or blinds when there are so many ‘Smart Glass Window Solutions’ available in the market. 

What is Switchable Glass?

Switchable Glass (also known as Smart Glass and Privacy Glass) has a Switchable Glazing Technology installed inside a PDLC film which works on electricity. At the flick of a switch, the Smart Glass changes from transparent to opaque white in less than 0.01 seconds. This creates 100% privacy at the touch of a button.

And as your mood or requirement strikes, you can switch the Smart Glass from frosted-white to transparent. So in a nutshell, the Smart Glass technology works like Magic which is the reason why is it also goes by the name of Magic Glass!



How the Switchable Glass can replace curtains permanently 

To let the sunlight in the house during the winter months is absolute bliss. The slight warmth and natural light make the home very comfortable and cozy. But on the other hand, during summers you want to keep the unbearable heat out of your house.

Since the 15th century, Curtains have been used all over the world to control the amount of sunlight that enters the house.  But why block the amazing view when you don’t have to? As an alternative, you can have – Smart Glass Windows. 

When in a powered state, the window glass is clear and lets you have a complete view, and even lets the comforting sunlight in. But when switched off, the Magic Glass turn opaque which is essential for the night times.



Applications of Smart Glass

Switchable Glass has a ton of other applications like office windows, front entryways, Conference room partitions, etc. Swastik Glass’s Magic Glass Windows have a lifespan of 10+ years. This means that without investing in those expensive and fancy blinds, you can simply have the view, privacy, Smart and Aesthetic windows that require zero maintenance and energy-saving – everything at once! Let’s face it. This is the eco-friendly future that we all dream about. 


And if you are wondering about the price of Smart Glass, you will be amazed to learn just how pocket-friendly they are. Feel free to contact the Out Team to get all the details regarding the Smart Glass Windows.

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