5 Important things to consider when Installing Aluminium Doors and Windows

The weight of Aluminum is approximately one-third of copper or steel. Apart from this, Aluminum Doors and windows have excellent corrosion resistance, are highly durable, and can easily be machined. This is why Sliding Aluminum Windows are a very popular choice amongst Architectures and Interior Designers these days.

Although Slimline Aluminum Windows boasts an excellent performance profile, there are a few important things that you should consider before installing Aluminium Doors and Windows in your home or office.

What to Consider before Installing Sliding Aluminium Windows

Strength & Security 

It is important to ensure that the Aluminum Doors and Windows that you choose should be of good quality. Many Aluminium Window manufacturers in the market often boast high of their offerings but fail to deliver accordingly. This is why you should search for a good and trusted Slimline Aluminum Windows Manufacturer in your area. 

Windows and Doors can make the inhabitants of a house more vulnerable to the outside which is why In-built Lock systems, Air-Tight Windows Frames, Fire Resistance, etc are some essential features that are must-haves in Aluminium Doors and windows in the 21st Century. 

Operability & Maintenance

How to Operate the Aluminum Windows? How much maintenance is required? What will be its cost? You should ask your Aluminum Windows Manufacturer about the maintenance requirements for the Sliding Aluminum Windows, how long they will last and whether the Slimline Windows will lose their strength over time or not. 

A good example of this is: India has very hot summers. So will my Aluminum Doors and Windows be able to keep the inside temperature cool? Will they be able to Refract the Harmful UV Rays of the Sun in summers? 

Maximization of the Natural Light 

With Sleek Windows Frames, you can get the advantage of natural light entering your home and office. Aluminum Windows come in a lot of styles and options. You can consult your Aluminum Door Manufacturer on which type of Slimline Window is suitable for use in Doors, Balconies, Terrace, Window Panes, etc. 

As the official partner of Candor View, USA, Swastik Glass manufactures premium quality Slimline Aluminum Windows also known as Minimal Systems or Minimalist Windows. Our Minimal Systems have an in-built lock system that is invisible to the naked eye. Also with our Slimline Window Frame, you can enjoy an uninterrupted view of your surroundings whilst maximizing the natural light!

Replacement vs. Renovation

When renovating the house, should you go with completely new windows or restore the existing ones? New Aluminum Doors and Windows can be on the costlier side. While the restoration cost will only come around 30% to 35% that of replacement, the fact remains that replacing the windows and doors is the better choice. 

With good quality Sliding Aluminum Windows in place, you can forget about maintaining or replacing them for a long period. Plus there is the choice to get modern window designs in the RAL colors of your choice!

Aluminum Window Manufacturer

Perhaps the starting point of your research, look out for Aluminum Window Suppliers in your areas that can provide impressive quality Aluminum Doors and Windows within the project time frame. Check for the following points:

  • Their Years of Experience
  • Business Compliance with Government Standards
  • Range of Product Offering 
  • Product Pricing as compared to the Competitors 
  • Customer Reviews 

All the aforementioned elements will help you to decide whether to go with a particular Aluminum Window Manufacturer or not. Remember that doors and windows function as the eyes of the building, and that is why they should have the most beautiful appearance out of all. 

Swastik Glass has been a part of the Window Manufacturing Industry for more than 20+ years. With meaningful industry knowledge, product insights, and high-level technology to customize, Swastik Glass knows what its customers require and thus delivers it accordingly.  

We manufacture the best quality Aluminum Doors and Windows at the most affordable prices in India. We manufacture Slimline Aluminum Windows in Surat (Gujarat); Bangalore (Karnataka); Panjim(Goa), Delhi, and Hyderabad (Telangana)

 To get a free quote, contact our team right away!

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