Amazing Aluminium Door & Windows To Transform Your Space

Are you looking to transform your space with a touch of sophisticated and minimalist designs? Do you too want to imbibe new and stylish door & window designs to upscale your apartment game? If the answer is ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you have landed at the right place. We will guide you through the various types of Aluminium Doors and Windows available so that your space can get the makeover it deserves.

Reasons Why Aluminium Doors & Windows are the best

Before jumping into the different types of Aluminium Windows and doors, let’s see why choosing them for your home or office is the best choice that you can make. 

  1. An aluminum window has a very good and strong structural ability 
  2. With In-built lock systems, Aluminum Sliding Windows can prevent forced break-ins and burglary 
  3. Aluminum Door provides a high level of thermal insulation
  4. Aluminum Window has a long and useful life
  5. Slimline Aluminium Windows offer a wide range of designs to choose from 

Minimal Systems 

As the official partner of Candor View, USA, Swastik Glass manufactures premium quality Slimline Aluminium Windows also known as Minimal Systems or Minimalist Windows. As compared to the regular windows, Slimline windows are extremely sleek, stylish, and have less visible frames. This exuberates the house with an aesthetic and modern appeal. Our Candor View Windows come in a bunch of different options to suit the specific requirements of our customers.

  • The Pivot Door 

The Pivot Door rotates on a vertical axis which allows to rotate it 360 degrees on its own thus achieving an elegant swing in the space. The Pivot Doors are generally encompassed with 6 to 8 mm thick tempered glass. Invisible Pivot hinges, seamless internal divider, and zero outer frames make out Pivot Doors immaculate and will leave you with an instant desire to buy them for yourselves!

  • Floating Walls

 Our Floating Walls come are a perfect mixture of class with performance. Slimline Windows are made with frameless systems on lower thresholds that can be easily moved from one side to another thus giving it the illusion of a floating wall. These super luxurious Aluminium Windows are a perfect choice who are looking to add the ‘It’ factor to their homes or offices. 

  • PS LINEA Range 

Swastik Glass’s Aluminum Sliding Windows & Aluminum Sliding Doors are a perfect fit for a contemporary house owner that loves all things artistic. Aluminium Door with the Sliding feature are a great space-saving option. They provide an uninterrupted view with up to 90% clear openings. Minimal frames with corner opening windows add a dash of luxury to your space whilst providing the utmost comfort and style. 

  • Slide & Fold Aluminium Doors

 Fold & Slide System Slimline Windows are manufactured with lower thresholds that stand out and distinguish themselves from the rest of the window and door types. The flexible openings and the uninterrupted view are something no one can say no to. The best part about them – tons of sunlight and fresh air! We even offer a high level of customization so that you can get the Aluminium Windows and doors of your dreams. 

  • Corner Opening Windows

 Nothing can ever beat the classic Corner-opening Aluminium window. With a conventional hinged Door frame system, these are perhaps the most popular type of windows and doors ever invented. Such corner-opening windows can be very easily found at offices, homes, villas, resorts, etc. 


In this blog, we have tried to cover some of our best Aluminum Window and Door types. But Swastik Glass believes in providing endless possibilities to our customers so that they can choose what suits them the best. In case you want to learn about more Aluminium Door and Windows options, check out our Minimal Systems page. 

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