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Enjoy Calm Indoors Our Slimline Aluminum Windows

Accompanying urbanization is its side effects such as high noise levels and air pollution which have been severely impacting the lives of people every day. This unceasing exposure to loud noises can be very harmful to our quality of life and health. While we may ignore this recurring problem in our busy lives, constant exposure may lead to sleep disturbance, hearing loss, reduction in performance, or even cardiovascular problems. Studies have shown that installing high-grade Slimline Windows (Sliding Aluminum Windows) can significantly cut down up to 30 decibels of the exterior noises thus providing an excellent sound reduction indoors. 

Reduce outside noise with Tejjsons’ Minimal Systems 

Every home or office’s interiors have large glass doors and windows which are responsible for 90% of the exterior noises entering the space. Now obviously we can not cut down the doors and windows as they are an integral part of the structure but what we can do is use high-quality Aluminum Doors & Windows.  

With the use of the latest technology and machinery, we have been able to develop Minimal Systems Slimline Aluminum Windows that make the use of high-quality aluminum frames which deliver exceptional sound-insulating capabilities. The special materials used in our aluminum doors and windows help them to absorb and reflect the noise, thus creating a barrier between our indoors and the outside noise. 

For the added benefit of sound insulation, our Minimal Systems go through the process of glazing twice. This works as an effective barrier to stop outside noise as well as to prevent excessive heat anf cold from entering your home. Our specially designed laminated glass also contributes in reducing the transfer of noise from the outside.

With Tejjsons’ premium range of Aluminum Doors & Windows, we aim to offer sleek, stylish, and functional window frames. You don’t need to compromise on style in hopes to insulate your indoor spaces from harmful noises. Our Slimline windows can be easily customized to suit your style and aesthetics. As for the performance part, leave that to us. With 20+ years of industry experience in customer trust, we have essentially become one of the best Aluminum Window Manufacturers. Visit our store near you, or contact our team to get a free quote right away!

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