One-Click a Day to keep Foggy Mirrors at Bay!

Keeping the bathroom mirrors fog-free after taking a hot shower is one hassle that most of us have to face every day no matter what. Whether you want to shave or apply makeup, you cannot continue your daily grooming routine unless the mirror is cleared of its steam.  But by looking at the title you must be wondering how a simple button click can solve one of your life’s recurring problems? Well, you are in for a surprise because NoFogg™ has something for you that can solve your mirror fogging problem permanently – Anti-fog Mirrors!

What are Anti-fog Mirrors? 

For the uninitiated, Anti-fog Mirrors a.k.a Fogless Shower Mirrors are essentially heating pads that are installed behind the bathroom mirror. 

When switched on, the fogless mirror will pass a slight warmth across the mirror’s surface. Now because the mirror’s surface temperature is higher than its surroundings, not only will the current fog evaporate from there but also no fog will further condense on the mirror’s surface. 

This way the Anti-fog Bathroom mirror will have a crystal clear reflection so that you can continue with your daily chores in an abrasion-free and hassle-free manner. 

Is Installing a Bathroom Mirror Defogger Easy?  

YES! There are a number of mirror defogging tactics and methods available in the market. But every method is either expensive or has too many shortcomings. 

Contrary to this, NoFogg™ manufactures Mirror Defoggers that have a long life span and are very easy to install. You simply have to stick the self-adhesive Mirror Defogging sheet behind the bathroom mirror’s surface. 

Watch our guide on how to install Mirror Defoggers to gain a better understanding of the process. 

Our Anti-fog mirrors work on the application of electricity. You simply have to switch it on before starting your daily chores. Within 5 minutes of operation, you will have 100% clear visibility on the mirror’s surface. 

Are Fog-free Mirrors Expensive?  

This will depend on the type of mirror defogger and its manufacturer. You can get very cheap anti-fog mirrors in the market that boast of being the best. But after a short passage of time, they will either stop working or start giving out electric shocks. 

Our Anti-fog Mirrors on the other hand have shockproof technology, a long life span, don’t require any maintenance, and are safe even for kids in your house. That’s not even the best part. 
You can get the benefits of these features and much more at the most affordable prices in India! Now that you know how amazing Mirror Defoggers are, stop wasting your time and contact our team to get a free quote right away!

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