Reasons Why Integral Blinds (Blinds in Glass) Can Change Your Life!

Are you also tired of the laborious task of cleaning and maintaining your curtains and Blinds? Well, in that case, we have something very useful that might change your life – Integral Blinds! Integrated Blinds or Blinds within Windows are intelligent home solutions wherein the Blinds are attached in the space between the double glazed windows. Meaning that you can have a Double Glazed Window that performs the function of both Windows and Blinds!

Apart from having dual functionality, Built-in-Blinds also have a few features that will make you want to buy them right away!

4 Reasons How Integral Blinds Can Change Your Life?

Integral Blinds Features & Benefits

1. Smart Technology 

Built-in Blinds can be operated both manually and automatically. Swastik Glass’ Integral Blinds have Magnetic and Mototeised functions. Meaning you can open or close the Blinds within windows with the touch of a button and control the amount of natural light in your space. Integrated Blind Windows will let you have the best of both worlds with its smart technology application. And that too without any maintenance requirements whatsoever.

2. Privacy at your Fingertips 

Integrated Blinds allow you to exercise complete control over your house and office. No one likes it when a passerby peeps into your space and disrupts your privacy. Hence to maintain your security and privacy levels, you can switch your regular windows and blinds to Integral Blinds

Not only that but also Sun’s UV rays can be harmful to you and your family and may also result in fading of your furniture over time. But with the help of Built-in-Blinds, you can control the amount of sunlight entering your space. 

3. Reduced Cleaning & Maintenance 

Curtains and Blinds are not only expensive but very difficult to clean as well. The huge Dry Cleaning Bills are another story altogether. But what if we told you, Integral Blinds don’t require any such cleaning sessions?

 Well, you will be amazed to know that with intelligent air-tight seals, Integrated Blinds are carefully placed inside the double glazed units under hygienic conditions. Thus apart from being time-saving, Integral Blinds also make the chores of dusting, cleaning, and untangling the blind ropes a thing of the past!

4. Security 

Everyone prioritizes the safety and security of their loved ones no matter what. This is why Swastik Glass manufactures Integrated Blinds with uPVC Windows and Slimline Aluminum Windows. With Strong windows frames, In-built Locks, and Strong Glass features, you can be assured that our Integral Blinds will ensure utmost security for your space. 

Also with an added layer of glass in the Integral Blinds, the serious danger of strangulation through the curtain ropes can be avoided for minor children and vulnerable adults.


Blinds in Glass are a worthwhile investment like no other in residential and commercial settings. Whether it is for Balcony Windows or Bifold Doors, Integral Blinds will never fail to amaze. And if you are wondering about the cost of Integral Blinds, you are in for surprise to learn just how affordable they are. Feel free to contact the Our Team to get all the details for Integrated Blinds

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