Sliding Aluminum Windows – The Effective Solution for Smaller Spaces

Whether you live in a studio apartment or want to start a new office, you will always be keen to make the best use of the space without bulking it up. Cluttered spaces can distract you and hamper your productivity levels.

 A good way to avoid this from happening is by installing Sliding Aluminum windows in your space. Because of the technological advancements and know-how, now Aluminum Doors & Windows are not only designed to be sleek but also have a high-performance portfolio as well. 

Why are Slimline Windows essential for Smaller Spaces?

A house or office with a smaller footprint poses a challenge for the Architects and Designers. They have to develop an appealing space while maximizing the flexibility of functionality and open space. Owing to the increasing demand for functional door and window frames, Minimal Systems have gained popularity because they strike the right balance between efficiency, performance, and aesthetics. 

Sliding Aluminum Windows have further reinvented the trend to match the frames to the overall vibe of the space. Meaning that with sleek frames designs, Slimline Aluminum windows will merge seamlessly with your interiors. This will give them the illusion of being much bigger than they already are.

 But how to effectively use Aluminum Doors and Windows in your space can be a bit confusing. Hence we have compiled a list of how you can incorporate Slimline Aluminium windows in your homes and offices. 

4 Key Areas to Install Aluminium Windows and Doors in your Space 

Create a Luxurious yet seamless ambiance in your home or office with the use of Aluminum Doors and Windows in these 4 key areas.  

Fronts Entrance Doors 

Sliding Aluminium Doors offer a smart and sleek appearance to the home or office entrance without taking up too much space. In case you like floating Aluminum Door Designs, you can go for Swastik Glass’s Pivot Doors in the Minimal Systems Range. 

Balcony and Terrace Openings

Everyone loves balconies and terraces because of the amazing view that they provide. With the use of Sliding Aluminum Windows, you can improve the functionality and aesthetics of the favorite part of your personal space. 

Restrooms with a Luxurious Appeal  

Even though restrooms are essential spaces in our homes, they don’t get the due credit they deserve. Aluminum Windows can be placed high up on the walls for natural light but also ensures privacy at the same time. Similarly, Aluminum Doors can be used as separators for the shower cubicle and the washroom area. 

Kitchen Windows

The Doors and Windows in the Kitchen can often accumulate oil traces and other dirt particles. Thus it becomes essential to use corrosion-free windows frames that don’t require any maintenance. Swastik Glass manufactures Minimal Systems in partnership with Candor View, USA. 

Our Aluminum Doors and Windows can be easily customized according to your designs, tastes, and requirements. So that you can have the perfect Sliding Aluminum Windows tailor-made for your space. 


Whether your space is big or small, Slimline Aluminum Windows can do wonders for you. Not only are our Aluminum Doors & Windows good-looking, and weather-resistant but also come at amazing prices that won’t have you looking for more options. At Swastik Glass, we understand what customers require and deliver accordingly. To get your very own customized Minimal Systems, find our store near you in Surat (Gujarat); Bangalore (Karnataka); Panjim(Goa), Delhi, and Hyderabad (Telangana), or to get a free quote, contact our team right away!

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