What are Integral Blinds and their Advantages

In India, integral blinds are quickly rising to the top of the list of preferred home modifications. Owners are smitten by their sleek modern appearance and simple functionality. However, what are Integrated blinds in reality, and how do they operate?

What are Integral Blinds?

Essentially Integrated Blinds are a type of Blinds that are installed between two panes of glass. This is why they are also known as Blinds within the glass. They are available in manual, magnetic, and motorized functions. However manual blinds are considered to be a little troublesome when it comes to their operation and life span.

Tejjsons offers high-quality Magnetic Blinds & Motorized Blinds in India. You can easily control with a remote. To get a free quote on the cost of Integral Blinds, contact our team right away.

Where are Integral Blinds Used?

Blinds in Glass can be installed in bifold doors, windows, and conservatories. Tejjsons’ Integral Blinds are popularly used in boardrooms, observation sections in hospitals, schools, and other public buildings, office partitions, conservatories, and other spaces. 

For regulating light and shade in both domestic homes and professional office settings, this blind system is ideal. They also provide your home with a subtle touch of style with their distinctive Venetian design.

What are the advantages of Integral Blinds?

Integrated Blinds add elegance and sophistication to any home while also providing seclusion. Other advantages of these blinds are: 

  • They are dust-resistant and allergy-friendly
  • The sealed glass panes make the blinds safe for kids and pets from choking hazards
  • Control the lighting and shades in your house with ease
  • Eliminate the headaches of maintenance and cleaning
  • They look ultra-modern and stylish
  • Helps to save energy by preserving the heat indoors
  • We offer a lot of styles and colors to choose from
  • Can be operated automatically
  • Integral blinds remain clean and protected from dirt and moisture
  • There is no compromise of safety and security as we use High-Quality Aluminum Doors and Windows frames. 

Are you considering our Integrated Blinds?

Visit Tejjsons to speak with our welcoming staff and learn more. Additionally, we have a sample of our product line on the show, which includes Integral Blinds, Aluminum Doors & Windows, and more. To speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff, call us at +91 93776 04923 or send us an email.

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