What to consider before choosing the perfect Mosquito Net for Windows & Doors 

Fly Mesh 

Our country is a land with many water bodies, houses a fair share of insects, and all sorts of mosquitoes. And that’s the reason why the Mosquito net or Fly Mesh has been very popular in Indian households.

These Flyscreens are responsible to keep all the tiny insects and mosquitoes out of the homes without having to actually close shut the doors and windows. But there are a few important things that should be considered to get the perfect Fly Mesh that suits your requirements. So we have made a list of such things to help you save your precious time & money.

Important things to consider in Mosquito Nets


Obviously related to its main purpose, the Insect Mesh should be able to keep out all sorts of unwanted pests like mosquitoes, bees, wasps, etc where they belong – out of your house. The window mosquito net should have very tiny openings so that your house remains safe from those nasty little creatures. This becomes even more necessary in the rainy season when the household insects become very rampant.

Mesh Quality

Make sure to get a high-quality Window Mesh that will do its job properly and last you for a long time as well. Since there are a lot of options out there in the market, try to avoid those flimsy Window Mosquito Nets that will start ripping after a few days of use.

Check for good quality Aluminum Window Fly Mesh in your area or locality.

Type of Mosquito Nets

Nowadays a lot of different types of Mosquito Nets are available in the market. But you should choose the ones that suit your purpose the best.

  • Fixed Window Fly Screens 

They are appropriate for those households that have an insect infestation problem in their area all around the year. Once they are installed, they will essentially become a perpetual part of your door or window.

  • Magnetic Window Fly Screen

It is not permanently fixed. Hence it can be stored during the seasons or days you don’t necessarily need it. But keep in mind that it should be stored with utmost care or else there are chances that it may rip or lose its shape.

  • Pleated Flymesh Systems

They are perhaps the best choice amongst the all. A Pleated Fly Mesh works just like the blinds. It can be rolled up into a cassette when not in use and rolled down as desired. What’s even better is the fact that pleated fly mesh screens compliment the house aesthetics while seamlessly blending in with it. We manufacture superior quality Pleated Fly Mesh with horizontal and vertical operations that can be used for both doors and windows.


You must be wondering that the Mosquito Nets will block the fresh air coming from the windows and doors. But it totally depends on the thickness of the mesh used. Many fly screens can obstruct between 50% to 80% of the airflow because of their fine-wire structure. But we understand how important the flow of natural air is. Hence we manufacture Pleated Fly Mesh systems with the latest technology that is able to keep the insects out without blocking the airflow.


Getting ready-made Fly screens for doors is a thing of the past as it will interfere with the home decor which is not something that we want. Instead, you should opt for a reputed manufacturer that can customize the fly mesh according to your taste and requirements. Swastik Glass has the facility to provide 100% customization in Flymesh Systems which are available in any RAL Color & even in Wooden Finish.


Choosing the right Fly Mesh System for your apartment or office can be tricky because of the tons of options available in the market. Swastik Glass has been a reputed manufacturer of Pleated Fly Mesh Systems for more than 2 decades. We know inside-out what our customers require and deliver accordingly. So just pop in your query with our Team of Experts and they will get back to you.

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