Why Aluminium Windows and Doors are perfect for Indian Homes

A tropical country like India has a diverse weather portfolio, varied landscapes, and unique needs that need to be taken care of while constructing any residential homes, offices, or apartment buildings. Careful decision-making regarding the type of products to be used becomes the utmost necessity here. 

Challenges that Indian Households Face due to Natural & Man-made Factors 

  • Summers are extremely hot leading to unending electricity power bills. 
  • Winters can be very chilly during the peak season months. 
  • Incessant noise pollution and air pollution. 
  • Enhanced need for Home safety and security.
  • Loose windows and door sills may invite unwanted mosquitoes and pests. 
  • The loud rattling noise is made by the windows during strong winds or storms. 
  • Termite-ridden windows or Doors may end up ruining the entire house’s furniture which may lead to the need for refurbishing. 

Why Swastik Glass’s Slimline Aluminum Windows are the Perfect Solutions for Indian Homes

Slimline Windows hardly need any maintenance but when it comes to performance, they are the clear winners. Let’s find out why. 

Efficiency in terms of energy and thickness

Our Sliding Aluminum Windows are crafted meticulously to the perfect length, width, and height needed to tackle the ever-changing Indian weather. With sleek frame designs, Slimline windows let in more light and air, essentially reducing the AC Bills. This helps to maintain a cooler temperature indoors on hot days.

 Alternatively in winters, Sliding Aluminum Windows don’t let the warmth escape from inside the house thus maintaining a pleasant atmosphere in the house all year round.

Secure In-built Locks and Air-Tight Closings 

Sliding Aluminum Doors and Windows have inbuilt lock systems to give your house the needed safety and security. The lock system is placed in such a way that it is hardly visible and doesn’t interfere with house aesthetics. 

This ensures that the Aluminum Doors and Windows have air-tight openings so that no insects like mosquitoes, bees, wasps, etc can come in uninvited.

 Regular Windows tend to rattle in strong winds and let in more noise after a prolonged period of use. But this is not the case with our Sliding Aluminum Windows. Built with powerful frame structures, they can withhold the test of time, pollution, and climate changes. 

Interior Design & Home Aesthetics

Window and Door Designs can make or break the interior game. When done right, they can uplift the house vibe like no other. But when done wrong, mismatching Doors and Windows can be such a buzzkill. Swastik Glass is the authorized partner of Candor View, the USA in Surat, Gujarat. We manufacture high-quality Slimline Aluminum Windows also known as Minimal Systems.

 As the name suggests, the door and window designs are smart, minimal, and aesthetic. We can produce Sliding Aluminum Windows to virtually any height or width that our customers require. So that you can have the windows and doors of your dreams!

 Feel free to contact our team and they will get back to you.

Low Maintenance & Affordability 

Swastik Glass believes in delivering premium customer service but that doesn’t mean it should burn holes in your pocket. Our Slimline Windows and Doors are very affordable. Strong Frame Systems and Top-level manufacturing technology ensure the longevity of our aluminum doors and windows. 

And when it comes to maintenance, you won’t have to think even twice. Our Sliding Systems have non-rusting, termite-proof, and color retaining properties. Thus they will last you a lifetime with hardly any care requirements. 


Sliding Aluminum Windows and Doors are not just for design but they are very functional and strong as well. And when combined with Swastik Glass’s Customisation options, they are a match made in heaven for Indian households!

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