5 Simple Tips to Get The Perfect Fogless Shower Mirrors Every Morning

Imagine coming out after taking a hot & relaxing shower only to find your bathroom mirror all fogged up. Isn’t that annoying? And it doesn’t even end there. Getting ready in the hasty mornings is a huge task in itself let alone having to constantly clean that nasty foggy mirror to shave or apply makeup. 

Having to wipe down your mirrors every morning feels like your time is wasted. There are many wrong ways to clean a foggy mirror. And since many people like to clean up or shave after a shower, the need for a fog-free shower mirror is prime. So if you are interested in saving your precious time after showers, we have a few tips that might be just perfect for you.

5 Tips to Get Fog-Free Mirror

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is a good deterrent to getting that fog-free shower mirror every time you run a hot bath. This versatile product not only helps you in grooming but also achieves an anti-fog mirror. So the next time you shave, just lather some shaving cream on your mirror, wipe it with a clean towel and you are good to go for a few days. 

Blow Dryer

Probably the easiest trick on our list, use a blow dryer on the mirror to eliminate all the water droplets that have formed on the mirror because of condensation. This will help you to achieve an anti-fog mirror that may last up to a day or so depending on the temperature level in your bathroom. 


Instead of buying those mirror cleaners loaded with chemicals, you could create a natural solution to remove the fog from the mirror. Simply mix vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio, add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and pour this solution into an old spray bottle. Whenever you want to use it,  spray the solution on a fogged-up mirror and wipe it with a clean towel. This trick may ensure you a fogless shower mirror for a few days. While vinegar may tend to give out a strong odor, you can always add a few drops of lemon juice to get a fresh-smelling bathroom!

Dish Soap

A thin coating of dishwashing liquid can also do the trick. Take a few drops on a sponge or your hand, and wipe the foggy mirror with it. Then use a clean towel or a piece of newspaper to remove the excess liquid. Voilà! The mirror should remain clear for a day; then you have to repeat the process. And this method can also be used to creep out other shower users as well. Just create a thin layer of dishwashing liquid on the mirror, and write a spooky message with your fingers for the next shower user!

Mirror Defogger

Perhaps we may have found our winner. Mirror defoggers are a marvelous creation of science that have a clear electric film installed within them. When turned on, the mirror defogger will clear up the condensation on the mirror surface within 5 minutes of operation. How cool is that! With a good anti-fog shower mirror, you will be free from the hassle of cleaning them daily and get 100% clear visibility. 

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Remedies are many, permanent solutions are a few. The aforementioned hacks may work for some time but you will eventually grow out of them. Instead, if you use a good-quality mirror defogger, you might not face such problems ever again. Tejjsons has the expertise of more than 2 decades in the glass industry. We know what our customers need and accordingly customize our anti-fog mirrors to suit their requirements. 

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