Here’s The Secret To Keep The Steam Room Mirrors Fog-Free!

One of the most questions common gym and Spa owners ask is how to keep the mirrors in the Steam room fog-free. Well, they are correct with their concern since the primary motto of customers to come here is to relax and rejuvenate. Now even though the Steam may feel good, the foggy mirror might not! 

Primarily speaking, when steam condenses on the mirror, it causes it to fog. Steam tends to condense on a colder surface. That’s why the outcome can be seen in the mirror almost instantly.

Obviously, in order for a bathroom mirror to steam up, the steam from the shower spray must travel through cooler air to reach the mirror. Because air heats up quickly, the mirror can quickly steam up.

How to Keep Steam Room Mirrors Fog-free?

On the back side of the mirror, a thing electric sheet called Mirror Defogger is installed. On being switched on, the Demister Bathroom Mirror eliminates condensation and prevents the mirror layer from steaming up. The demister pad gently warms the mirror surface while keeping it clear of fog and steam. 

This will allow your customers to get a clear vision while enjoying their Steam bath. The Anti-fog mirror will continue to function while being switched on. Tejjsons manufactures Anti-fog Bathroom mirrors with shockproof technology. Hence our Mirror Defoggers are also safe to use.  Check out our selection of Demister Pads for your hotels, spas, and steam baths only here. 

Why Should Mirror Defoggers be used in Steam Rooms?

Clear Vision

The mirror defogger Defoggers is in charge of keeping the mirror fog-free. This will allow your customers to enjoy their steam session with a completely clear vision.


Fog-free Mirrors do their part to keep themselves clean. This means no one will have to wipe the mirror every time they want to use it, 

Low Maintenance

Since the mirror will do the job of keeping itself clean, your employees can focus on the other important tasks at hand. 

Anti-fog mirrors

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction 

As already mentioned, people use the amenities of the Steam room to relax. A clear mirror will only increase their satisfaction for the service and thus the place. 

Easy Installation

There are numerous Anti-fogging technologies available on the market. However, Tejjsons’ Fog-free Mirrors make installation as simple as pulling peas from a pod!

Tejjsons creates high-grade Mirror Defoggers that really work and do an excellent job of solving the problem of condensation. On top of that, we also provide a high level of customization in our Anti-fog Mirrors, as our customers can get the mirror defoggers that best fit their preferences. For a free price quote, feel free to get in touch with us.

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