How NOT to Clear a Foggy Bathroom Mirror

Stepping out of a bath or shower only to find bathroom mirrors fogged up is a universal problem that we all have faced. But you will be pleased to know that this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. Despite the internet being a bucket full of ideas on how to keep your mirrors fog-free, some hacks are sadly just clickbaits and don’t yield helpful results. This is why we have compiled a list of Dos and Don’ts that you could follow to keep your foggy bathroom mirror from steaming up. 

How NOT to clean your Foggy Mirror

First and foremost, never make the mistake of rubbing the bathroom mirror with a wet/used towel. This action will only result in more smears and streaks on the mirror. Similarly avoid using paper napkins, kitchen towels, or toilet paper on the steamed up mirror as they tend to leave residue all across the mirror’s surface. 

How to stop Bathroom Mirror from Fogging Up

There are a bunch of things you could try to keep your mirror fog-free. Use a blow dryer to heat up the mirror’s surface. Eventually, because of the heat, the mist will vapor up leaving a clear surface. Although this method is quick, you will have to repeat the process quite frequently to maintain its effectiveness. 

Or you could use the hack of Liquid Soap. Apply a small quantity of any washing or cleaning liquid on the mirror directly from the bottle or with the help of clean cloth (don’t add water). Then wipe the excess from the surface with another clean cloth. This trick will create an anti-fog layer on the mirror’s surface which will not allow the fog to condense on it. You will be free from the cleaning hassle for up to a week. 

Another popular anti-fog bathroom mirror tactic on the internet is the use of foaming shave gel. Just like the cleaning liquid, apply some foam on the mirror and wipe with a clean towel. If you are in luck, this hack can last you for up to 5-6 days.  

Lastly, if you have some time on hand, you could try making a 1:1 vinegar-water solution in a spray bottle. Squeeze in a few lemon drops for freshness. Now use this spray solution every time your mirror fogs up or once in a few days as per your requirements. 

An Effective Solution to keep Mirrors from Steaming Up

Despite so many hacks guarantee to keep your mirror fog-free, none of them offer a permanent solution. But worry not, because Tejjsons has a solution for you – Anti-fog Bathroom mirrors. Primarily a Mirror Defogger is a thin electric sheet that is attached behind the mirror’s surface. When switched on, the anti-fog mirror passes a slight warmth across the mirror’s surface essentially defogging it. The heat also prevents further fog from building up.  

But the fog-free mirrors available in the market often tend to shock their recipients after prolonged usage. This is why with the use of the latest technology and scientific knowledge we have created Anti-fog Mirrors with Shockproof technology. Just place the fog-free bathroom mirror at a safe distance from running water and be assured of our long-lasting product.  

About Tejjsons

Tejjsons is a company that specializes in manufacturing the highest quality of Bathroom Mirror Defoggers in the country. We are highly trusted Anti-fog Mirror Manufacturers and aur aim is to offer the best service possible. We value our customer’s requirements which is why we offer 100% customization in Mirror Defoggers. To get more information on Customised Anti-fog Mirrors, kindly contact us right away!

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