How do Japanese hotels keep a portion of the bathroom mirror completely fog-free? (The Secret is out)

How do Japanese hotels keep a portion of the bathroom mirror completely fog-free? (The Secret is out)

The originator of some very cool technologies and quirky gadgets, Japan never ceases to amaze everyone. From a vending machine selling shoes to an Integrated Bed complete with a desk, music system, and massage chair; Japan has it all. 

But the one thing that fascinates us the most is how Japanese hotels manage to keep a specific part of the bathroom mirror fog-free while the entire mirror is fogged up after a hot shower. We knew their secret and decided to let you in on it.

The Technology Behind Having a Fog-free shower mirror

Known as a Mirror defogger or an Anti-fog bathroom mirror, a very sleek electric heating mat is attached behind the mirror. It is responsible for giving out a slight warmth across the bathroom mirror’s surface to prevent it from fogging up. 

How does this Anti-fog mirror work?

After taking a hot shower or bath, the bathroom mirror tends to fog up since its temperature is lower than its surroundings. So the water droplets condense on the mirror’s surface. When the Mirror Defogger is turned on, it gives out a sight warmth across the mirror’s surface. Thus its temperature matches its surroundings which doesn’t allow the fog to settle down on the mirror. This will give you fog-free and clear visibility for safe grooming or makeup application. 

Is anti-fogging technology available in India?

Now that you know what goes behind the Japanese Magical Mirrors, you must be wondering if this technology is available in India. Well, in that case, you have landed at the right place. Tejjsons is the leading manufacturer of Bathroom Mirror Defoggers in India. 

Our manufacturing unit is located at GIDC in Pandesara, Surat, Gujarat. After seeing people struggle with foggy mirrors every morning, we decided it was high time to provide them with excellent quality Fogless Mirrors to add convenience to their lives. We even offer customization in Foglees Shower Mirrors so that our customers get the utmost level of satisfaction with our services. 

Conclusion: Japan is one fascinating country. They have embraced technology like no other nation on this planet. But India is not far behind. With continuous Research and Development, Tejjsons keeps innovating its technology to deliver the best-in-class mirror defoggers to our customers. In case you wish to know more about them, Our Team is here ready to help you 24/7 with your queries. 
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