The New Type of Glass Technology You Need to Know About – Mirror Defoggers!

Have you ever seen a Sci-Fi movie and wondered how wild it would be if we had access to their complex technology. We could fly around things with our mind, be invisible or even transport ourselves to any place with the touch of a button. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? The invention of such technology is still decades away but there are still some very cool things that you can get your hands on. One of them being mirror defoggers!

Anti-fog Mirrors – How this New Technology Works 

A hot shower can cause the bathroom mirror to fog up because of the changes in temperature with its surrounding. Here is where the mirror defoggers come into the picture. Mirror Defoggers or Fogless shower mirrors have a heating anti-fog film installed behind them. When they are turned on, they give out warmth across the mirror’s surface and successfully prevent the water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface.

To activate the mirror defogging technology, the user can either use a remote, switch, or even a sensor. When it is turned on, it gives out a slight warmth across the mirror’s surface thus defogging it within 5 minutes of operation. This ensures that you have a no fog mirror experience at the time of operation. The good thing about these Anti-fog shower mirrors is the fact that they require a very little amount of electricity for their operations. Thus the Anti-fog shower mirrors are eco-friendly and easy to use. 

FAQS on Mirror Defoggers

Are Anti-fog bathroom mirrors expensive?

No, absolutely not. Tejjsons is the manufacturer of Fog-free bathroom mirrors that are extremely affordable and of the highest quality in India. We have 20+ years of experience in glass processing and formulations, essentially making us the industry leader. We even offer customization in No-fog shower mirrors as per the requirement of our clients. Check out our amazing range of mirror defoggers today.

Can Mirror Defoggers be cut in half? 

For the technology to work smoothly, the heating pad should not be cut, or else it will be damaged and will cease to function.

Will Fogless bathroom mirrors give out an electric shock?

No, they are as safe as the lights in your bathroom. Just make sure not to place them in any wet enclosures like showers. A safe distance from the water source will do the trick.

So now you know how helpful anti-fog mirrors can be. They have the power to change your life in the best possible ways. We hope we might have even been successful in motivating you to get one anti-fog mirror for yourself! Contact us to get a free quote on Anti-fog mirror price.

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