Top 5 Misconceptions about using Fog-Free Mirrors at home!

Top 5 Misconceptions about using Fog-Free Mirrors at home!

From the luxurious bathrooms of a 5-star hotel to the splendid spa room of a magnificent Getaway Resort; you must have encountered at least one anti-fog mirror. Especially nowadays, fogless shower mirrors have taken over the world in the best way possible. Efficient, versatile, and classy, they will make your life easier and your home luxurious. But unfortunately, although fog-free shower mirrors provide a myriad of benefits, still there is a lot of misinformation that circulates them.

So we took the liberty to debunk a few common misconceptions people have about using anti-fog shower mirrors in their homes. 

#1 Anti-fog bathroom mirror gives an electric shock 

This is untrue and false. Fog-free bathroom mirrors have an electric film installed behind them that is safe to use. When turned on; it increases the temperature of the mirror to prevent the water vapor of the hot shower from condensing. The thing that has to be kept in mind is the fact that mirror defoggers should not be placed in a wet enclosure like a shower cubicle. A safe distance from running water will ensure the safe use of fog-free mirrors. 

#2 Fog-free mirrors can be cut

For a fogless mirror, an electric film is manufactured to its exact size. If the mirror is broken or if you try to cut it, the electric film behind it will be damaged and stop working. Thus if you want your fogless bathroom mirror to work, we highly advise against cutting it.

#3 Installing a no-fog shower mirror is very difficult 

Not. In fact, for our team installing a no-fog mirror is as easy as eating a piece of cake! Don’t agree with us? Check out our easy step-by-step guide for the installation of a bathroom mirror defogger.

#4 Fog resistant mirrors take up a lot of energy

This mainly depends on the manufacturer and the technology used in the anti-fog mirror. The fog-free mirrors made by Tejjsons are extremely energy-efficient and power-saving. We use the latest technology in our fogless shower mirrors that do not harm the environment and make use of very low amounts of electricity in your homes.

#5  Fog-free shower mirrors are very expensive

This again depends on the factors like location, manufacturer, quality, etc.

But the truth is that anti-fog mirrors are not as expensive as you think they are. For instance, Tejjsons has been a part of the Glass industry for 20+ years and thus we know inside out what our customers need. We manufacture the best type of fog-free bathroom mirrors at the most affordable price in India. Check out our amazing range of fog-free mirrors here

The world is evolving at a very fast pace. The more our life becomes complicated, the more inventions science comes up with to counter them, one of them being anti-fog mirrors. We hope we were able to debunk some of the misconceptions you had about mirror defoggers in your mind and now you may even consider making them a part of your life. Contact us today to get a free quote for fog-free mirror price.

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