The Advantages & Disadvantages of using an Anti-Fog Mirror

What are the benefits & Disadvantages of using an anti-fog mirror?

Do you know what is the similarity between a good song and a fogless shower mirror? They both will leave you feeling cheerful and in a good mood. And what is a better way to start your day than this? 

A fog-free shower mirror has a scientifically developed electric film installed behind them. When in operation, the electric film clears out the mirror surface with a change in its temperature. Hence this stops the water vapor from the hot shower from further condensing on your mirror surface. Mirror Defoggers ensure a clear vision at all times, which is why it is important to own an anti-fog mirror.

Don’t agree with us? Read on to find out. 

Benefits of an anti-fog mirror

1. Fogless shower mirrors are of great use in daily life. Created scientifically with the latest technology, they prevent condensation of water vapor on the shower mirror’s surface thus allowing you to have 100% clear vision at all times.

2. For the people who prefer to shave at the time of taking a shower, a bathroom Mirror Defogger can prove to be a blessing in disguise. Fog-free mirrors ensure a clear vision and hence there will be no more cuts or unshaven areas left on your face because of an unclear mirror. 

3. Mornings are full of rush and no one likes to wipe their foggy mirrors when they are running late. As a solution to this universal problem, you should install a Tejjsons fog-free shower mirror to save your precious time after showers. 

4. When it comes to the installation of a fogless shower mirror, it is as easy as opening a can of soda. You can watch our simple step by step installation video guide

5. You don’t need to try home remedies like vinegar, dishwashing soap solution, etc on your mirrors every day to keep them fog-free. With the installation of an anti-fog bathroom mirror, you can forget about this hassle for a long period. 

6. We are sure you will love the benefit of a fog-free bathroom mirror. They are extremely pocket-friendly! Anti-fog shower mirrors will add a touch of luxury to your home at the same time being very affordable. Check out the best Mirror Defoggers here!

7. Now you must be wondering where are these anti-fog mirrors used?

Well, they are not just for homes, but they can be used in Hotels, Villas, Resorts, and any other places with mirrors.

8. Last but not least – Safety. Fogless shower mirrors are very safe to use. Tejjsons ensures that our products never throw out an electric current when in use.  

Like a coin has 2 sides, similarly, mirror defoggers also have a few disadvantages. They are:- 

1. Anti-fog shower mirror although being very useful, cannot be used in wet enclosures like shower cubicles. They can be placed in a bathroom at a safe distance from the water source.

2. Fog-free bathroom mirrors should be treated with care just like any other mirror. Rough or irresponsible usage may cause it to break.

3. Fogless mirrors cannot be cut. Otherwise, the technology will stop working. 

Understanding the downsides of an anti-fog mirror is crucial before making your purchase. But despite the disadvantages, one may see in a mirror defogger, the advantages far outweigh the downsides. 
Tejjsons understands the need for a good quality fog-free shower mirror. We have been a part of this industry for 20+ years which potentially makes us the industry leader. Needless to say, we offer the best quality anti-fog mirrors at the most affordable prices in India. Head to our webshop to check out our amazing range of products. Contact us today to get a free quote for a fog-free mirror price.

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