What should you consider before buying a Mirror Defogger?

What should you consider before buying a Mirror Defogger?

Many men and women like to shave after taking a shower as it can be really helpful to avoid any cuts or abrasions. But generally, the steam from the shower may end up fogging your bathroom mirror. Now wasn’t the whole point of shaving after the shower to ensure your safety? Using a razor on your skin with unclear vision can prove to be thousands of times more dangerous. 

So as an alternative, you can get an anti-fog mirror or mirror defogger installed in your bathroom or vanity. In simple terms, mirror defoggers have the ability to defog your bathroom mirror within five minutes of operation. This means that you won’t need to wipe your foggy mirror every time you need to use it. It is as simple as that. 

Important things to consider before choosing the right anti-fog mirror for your bathroom. 

Anti-fogging Technique

The main 2 types of anti-fogging technology popular in India are :

  1. Chemical Coatings
  2. Preheating Sheet

In the case of chemical coatings, they will deplete with use and time. You’ll have to go through the hassle of getting new chemicals and apply them to your mirrors again. But opposed to that, Preheating sheets are applied behind the bathroom mirror. They work on a minimal amount of electricity and have a long life with hardly any maintenance whatsoever.  

Shockproof technology 

Some bathroom mirror defoggers can give out an electric shock if touched with wet hands or placed inside the shower cubicle. So make sure that you choose your mirror defogger wisely which is safe to use. Tejjsons is a renowned manufacturer of Fogless Mirrors in India. Our Anti-fog Mirrors come with shockproof technology to ensure the well-being of our customers. 

Mounting Technique 

Various means can be used to mount the Anti-fogging mirror to the wall like Suction cups, adhesive tapes, hooks, etc. For ceramic tiles or porcelain surfaces, suction cups and hooks can prove to be a good option and also for those who need to travel around a lot. 

But in the long run, adhesive tapes are a good choice. They can easily mount the mirror defogger behind the mirror and securely stick both of them to the wall. 

Anti-shattering Technology 

Since the Bathroom mirror defogger works on the principle of heating the mirror surface to remove the fog, chances are that too much heat may cause the mirror to shatter into tiny pieces. In order to avoid this serious accident, make sure to install a high-quality mirror defogger that comes with an anti-shattering feature.

Invest in the Right Brand

Perhaps the most important thing on our list. In today’s time, fogless mirrors have become an absolute necessity in everyone’s life because of the safety they provide. Hence we suggest you should always go to the top-most quality mirror defoggers.

For Tejjsons, customer service has been its main priority. We believe in delivering the best-in-class mirror defoggers at the most affordable prices. We even provide a high level of customization in fogless mirrors to suit the requirements of our customers. You can contact our team of experts and they will get back to you. 

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