7 Effective Solutions to Clean Bathroom Mirrors That Fog up

Looking For Solutions to Keep Bathroom Mirrors Fog-free? We Have Listed 7 Effective Solutions That Might Just do The Trick For You!

Nothing feels quite as comforting as a hot shower, but it’s often followed up with a rush to get ready for the day.  The bathroom mirror becoming completely fogged in when you get out of the shower is one of the most unpleasant aspects of having a shower. It’s very natural and anticipated for the fog to start forming on your mirror.

Luckily, there are several ways you can help stop fog from taking over your mirror with these easy anti-fog treatments or using specialty glass available in the market.

By using homemade solutions or by using specialty glass products or installing an anti-fog mirror or fogless shower mirror you can easily clear the fog away from your mirror when your bathroom gets steamy. One can improve the shower experience by using the fogless mirror as it is the best option.  

Tips to Keep Bathroom Mirrors Fog-Free

  •  Shaving cream, toothpaste, laundry detergent, and soap (bar or liquid) as surfactants assist keep water condensation particles away from adhering to glass surfaces.  However, the outcomes may differ, and occasionally it may result in some cloudiness or stain on the mirror surface.
  • Vinegar solution – You may also clean your mirror with a 1:1 mixture of vinegar and water. Add a few drops of soap to the solution to boost its defogging ability. If the smell worries you, it normally goes away after an hour.
  • Car Wax and Window De-Fogger – You can also use these products in your bathroom mirror. It’s as simple as putting them directly to the surface and wiping them with a clean cloth, just like you would with your car.
  • Blow Dryer – Do you believe that using certain common household items won’t work? There is no need for those while using a blow dryer. Simply plug it in, turn the machine on and use it across the mirror surface keeping at a minimum distance, and it will instantly clear the fog from your mirror.

Use Specialty Glass Products

A specific solution made to prevent bathroom mirror fog is an option for something a little more professional.

  • Bathroom mirrors can remain fog-free for up to a month with the help of specialized defogging products available in the market, which are typically used on car windshields. Simply spray straight onto the mirrors and dry with a clean, lint-free fabric.
  • A specialist chemical called glycerin, which you can purchase from the pharmacy, can be used to clean mirrors and prevent fogging while you’re taking a shower. Since it is non-toxic, it is ideal for households with kids and pets.

Install an Anti-Fog Bathroom Mirror

If you’re tired of doing a temporary fix from time to time, worry not, because Tejjsons, the leading Anti-fog manufacturer in India has a solution for you – Anti-fog Bathroom mirrors. Primarily in the defogging mirror, a thin electric sheet is attached to the mirror’s surface. When switched on, the anti-fog mirror passes a slight warmth across the mirror’s surface essentially defogging it.

The heat also prevents further fog from building up. We manufacture mirror defoggers with shockproof technology and hence it is safe for kids as well. The users should make sure to install the mirror defogger at a safe distance from the water source. And also Anti-fog shower mirrors are eco-friendly and easy to use 

mirror defoggers

Where can I buy Mirror Defoggers?

Tejjsons is the one-stop shop for Anti-fog mirrors. We are expert mirror defogger manufacturers specializing in shockproof anti-fog films. With the use of the latest technology and scientific knowledge, we have created Anti-fog Mirrors with Shockproof technology.

Our aim is to provide the best services to Customers. We fully customize antifog mirrors since we value our customers’ needs. Contact us right now if you’d like further details about customized anti-fog mirrors!

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