Antifog Mirrors-Want to see yourself in Pristine Clarity every day?


Everyone wants to have the clearest possible look of themselves while shaving or doing their makeup. And one of the most common inconveniences in daily life is having to keep a bathroom mirror fog-free after taking a hot shower. So a solution to see yourself in pristine clarity is to use antifog mirrors from Tejjsons […]

7 Effective Solutions to Clean Bathroom Mirrors That Fog up


Looking For Solutions to Keep Bathroom Mirrors Fog-free? We Have Listed 7 Effective Solutions That Might Just do The Trick For You! Nothing feels quite as comforting as a hot shower, but it’s often followed up with a rush to get ready for the day.  The bathroom mirror becoming completely fogged in when you get […]

Here’s The Secret To Keep The Steam Room Mirrors Fog-Free!


One of the most questions common gym and Spa owners ask is how to keep the mirrors in the Steam room fog-free. Well, they are correct with their concern since the primary motto of customers to come here is to relax and rejuvenate. Now even though the Steam may feel good, the foggy mirror might […]

How Can A Fogless Mirror Improve Your Shower Experience


When it comes to your shower time, the little things can make all the difference. For example, did you know that a fogless mirror can improve your shower experience? By removing the need to clean off the mirror every time you shower, a fogless mirror can help you save time and hassle. What are Mirror […]

Where can an Anti-Mist Mirror be used?


What are Anti-fog Mirrors? Bathroom mirrors with anti-fog films have a heated element. When turned on, it stops condensation from forming on the glass; which can happen when you take a bath; a shower, or run the hot water on your sink. The end effect should be that you can always see a crisp and […]

Why are Fogless Mirrors a Must-have for Hotels, Resorts & Spas?


Be it a hotel, restaurant, resort, or Spa, one primary reason for people to visit such places is to unwind and experience comfort and luxury. People want to relax and have a good time. Believe it or not, for some people such relaxation means taking a long bath and followed by a long self-grooming routine. […]

3 Interior Design Elements That Enhance Comfort & Productivity In an Office


Using a physical location as a workspace offers numerous advantages, including bringing people together in a motivating environment and allowing businesses to establish culture and identity.  Many people wondered if the rise of hybrid and remote work meant the end of the physical office in the early stages of the pandemic. After a few years […]

4 Ways Fogless Mirrors Are Cooler than Shaving Mirrors


For all the guys, shaving in the shower saves time, keeps your bathroom counter clean, and even saves money for guys. However, in order for it to work, you must be able to see yourself clearly, which necessitates the use of a Fogless mirror. Shaving mirrors have a tendency to fog because the mirror surface […]

How NOT to Clear a Foggy Bathroom Mirror

Stepping out of a bath or shower only to find bathroom mirrors fogged up is a universal problem that we all have faced. But you will be pleased to know that this doesn’t have to be a problem anymore. Despite the internet being a bucket full of ideas on how to keep your mirrors fog-free, […]

Why do you need our Mirror Defogger for your Bathroom?

Are you sick of the unshaven hair patches left behind on your face because of uneven razor application resulting from a foggy vision? Well, there is actually a way to save you from this mess: NoFogg™’s Fogless mirror! But there are a few people who are still unaware of this marvelous creation of science. A […]